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I know my worth, how about you?

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It’s been a while readers and I cannot wait to share with you what I have been preparing for you all. I have been connecting with different people from all walks of life. I have learned so much and obviously enjoyed the camaraderie. This has also allowed me to learn more, made new friendships, and helped me embrace my role as an influencer while enjoying different eateries in Minnesota  lol (I love good food!!!).
What does it mean to be an influencer? To most people, it means having a super enormous following or being a famous celebrity. However, I am reminded about the true meaning of an influencer by my parents who etched it into me that if I am able to impact one person with my deeds and words, I have influenced a village. I remember asking why and they went on to inform me the power of word of mouth by that individual.

This is powerful and encourages me to be an ambassador for women and young girls who a times feel they do not have the power to change their situations due to circumstances in their lives. We sometimes crave for belonging by being connected to groups, people, or a career in the hopes of being an influencer when our uniqueness, struggles, and eventually our untapped strengths needs to be resurrected.
Yes, resurrected because we are all influencers in our own right and it up to you to elevate yourself and know your worth. I cannot stress self-evaluating yourself and writing the little positive vibes you emit to your community. Your worth is not measured by your bank account, your friends, relationship status, or even your career!
What small steps do you plan on taking to positively influence those around you?

Dress: Miranda Konstantinidou

Necklace: Laurie Luehmann

Boutique: Dugo

Headpiece: Karen Morris Millinery

Photographer: Shutterkat

Empowerment, Style

Boss Lady Style


Have you ever wondered if your fashion taste  can have an effect on how you are perceived by your colleagues or strangers you encounter? Well, it does and it can either be to your advantage or your disadvantage.

Personally, first impressions count, therefore use each encounter outside your home to shine and be in boss lady style mode. Whether you work in corporate where you obviously choose what kind of professional clothes, a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, or a fitness instructor you can still be stylish. This means,  do not conform to boring styles that everyone is wearing.

Try to incorporate a bit of your personality in what you wear. If you love bright colors, you can try  colorful bracelets, necklaces, blouses or  pants. If you are a black woman with natural hair, instead of wearing a boring wig, you  can  wear your hair in braids, corn rows, an afro wig, or try other protective styling. There are also scarves and headgear options too.Hair bands, extensions, or flowers are other fun ways to style your hair no matter you cultural or socioeconomic background.

For those of you who work in professions where you are uniformed,you are probably thinking that you cannot show your boss lady style. This is quite the contrary! Guess what? You are equipped with many fashionable weapons to strike with lol. Your shoes can be your fashion statement.

You have  unlimited fun and stylish shoe options from clogs to sneakers. I am all about clogs with style! Your watch, Fitbit, stethoscope, lab coat can be your fashion statement. For those of you who have to cover your heads  such as in the operating room or wear head covering for religious purposes, there are amazing fashionable and colorful surgical caps and hijabs  to wear. There is always a way to show up in style while looking professional.

No matter where you work , try these tips as you step out ready to rule like a boss lady :

  1. Make sure your clothes are well pressed
  2. Invest in some good shoes
  3. Invest in a quality work bag
  4. Wear shoes that fit
  5. Practice good personal hygiene
  6. Treat yourself to a spa occasionally
  7. Walk with your head held high

Outfit  by dugo         Photography by e.l. photography

Are you in #bosslady mode yet? Leave your comments



Fashion: West African Style

My sense of fashion and style have been greatly influenced by West African wax prints, therefore it should not come as a surprise when you see me wearing African prints. Most of the pieces I tend to wear are bold and elegantly designed with patterns that have a meaning behind it. Wax prints are easily accessible in any West African market where you can bargain prices with market women or you have the option to go to an African store if you live outside Ghana.


I developed a taste for wearing this during my days as a high schooler at Achimota Secondary School, Accra where students had to wear something African inspired during the week. The female students had the option of an African print culottes with a matching top which was worn for evening studies and the kaba and slit (traditional inspired skirt and top) on Sundays, whiles the male student draped an African cloth on Sundays. These formative days allowed me to be proud of my culture and find creative ways to wear designs which I gave to my seamstress to sew.

First image of me by Nancy May Photography. Second image is by E.L. Photography.



Growing up in Ghana, West African wax prints designs were primarily worn during special occasions such as weddings, church, baby outdooring However, in recent times, the youth have totally revolutionized it and made it very acceptable to wear African inspired to professional settings. The current fashion designers incorporate different African prints in their dresses and accessories that they create. There is nothing off limits that can be created or infused with West African wax prints. The final products worn by both sexes will amaze and make you want to run to your nearest African store or call your seamstress or tailor. Enjoy these inspirations I found on google.

What are your thoughts and will you wear it if you had the chance. Enjoy and leave your comments!



Styling it without breaking the bank$$$

Looking effortlessly beautiful and stylish should not break your bank. Countless times, we find ourselves debating whether to get new clothes and accessories when we really can do without going to the shop. These are my tips for staying stylish and keeping your money in check.

  • Check in your jewelry box and take out some chunky necklaces, stud earrings, and a bracelet you have not worn in a while. Then pick out a dress,  a skirt or pants matched with a top you always wear and deck it up with one of the jewelry pieces,  I just mentioned and throw on some nice flats or pumps. I will also suggest you put on some lipstick, mascara and foundation. Your look is complete. You can also in a belt and a purse. Accessorize,accessorize, but do not overdo it!   jew
  • Exchange clothes and accessories with a friend, sister, or any other close female relative who are also adventurous or just want to try a different style of clothing on a budget. In swapping, you will be amazed at how you can match a new bright scarf to your black dress or add a sparkly earring with a pair of jeans.
  • If you are artsy or feeling the artsy bug, sew on some embellishment or simply add a fancy brooch to a plain office shirt.


Do not be afraid to mix and match and create a different, unique style. This saves you time and lots of money.

  • Do not follow the crowd. It is better to use what you already have than to try and impress someone with expensive clothes you cannot afford!! (That sucks! lol)

I am loving all the inspirational images from google. Make me proud of you and share some inspirations in the comments below. It s super easy! Now you go into the big world called your CLOSET !!



To Boutique or Not!

Have you found yourself rummaging through your one million clothes in your closet only to find out you are missing that statement piece to make you standout? Many millennial moms feel guilty splurging a little, but that investment can create lasting impressions. A boutique can be one place to find those pieces and if you are lucky enough you might just score big during a sale. Yes, ladies some boutiques have some sales so don’t look the other way.

If you are in the Minnesota I will recommend DUGO, a trendy woman owned boutique located in the Galleria, Edina where you can find it all from casual pieces, bridal wear, to jewelry and purses. I have also had the chance to work with the wonderful team of this store to create a look book which is currently featured on their website. However if there are any fun boutiques you know off in Minnesota or that ships to Minnesota, comment below and I will check them out and do a review.

These are three pieces found at DUGO which I highly recommend to add to your closets to create some envy in your closets.


Look 1: The soccer mom’s colorful yellow jacket by Eleven Elfs  paired with Jeans. Being a mom should not put you in the boring box.  Continue to be creative and let that color shine through your children.

Stefanie.dugo 2.png

Look 2: The sophisticated millennial woman by Lafayette148ny. This is perfect for the cold weather. You can still pull off a dressed up look without feeling like you are putting yourself out there to get frozen!

Stefanie.dugo 3

Look 3: The fierce and fiery woman in a Nicole Miller cocktail gown ready to turn heads. Why be ordinary, when you can create waves as you walk confidently in this dress. Do not limit yourself to colors and be a dare devil with style.


Makeup: April Rocha Makeup Artistry          Photography: E.L. Photography