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Protect yourself with a Myvictory comfort seal filter

It is almost Thanksgiving and Covid19 is still around. Covid 19 numbers keeps rising and we are all changing our holiday plans this year.When I entered the year 2020, I was thinking of a wonderful year filled with travels and fun activities, however that quickly got erased with lockdowns and wearing masks. Gradually wearing masks whether cloth or surgical has become a part of our lives.  With covid19 cases increasing all over the United States, it is extremely important to wear our masks with a filter in addition to hand washing as we run errands, go to school, or work.

As a registered nurse and mom, I value safety, therefore I am happy about my partnership promoting Augustine Surgical Inc latest product, my victory mask comfort seal filters. When my family and I tried them, it felt comfortable and breathable. I also researched and talked extensively with the team and found out that it gives .99.9% viral filtration efficiency for both inhaled and exhaled products. When you placed a comfort seal in either your surgical or cloth mask, it helps to give you an extra layer of protection..

These comfort seal filters are made in my home state, Minnesota and comes in different sizes; small, medium, and large. If you are wondering what to add to your Christmas or holiday list, this is an affordable  and lifesaving item perfect for everyone. It makes wearing a mask bearable. I know some of you are getting tired of wearing a mask, but I want you to give this product a try. It will make you on covid fashionable and you will be helping to reduce the spread of covid19 and the flu. It is a win win for the community and your healthcare workers will really appreciate you!

In order to figure out which size is appropriate use this guide:

Small: Fits kids, adolescents, and adult with petite frames

Medium: Fits most average adults

Large: Fits adults with longer and large faces

I have a 15% discount that can be applied to all of your  mycomfortseal gifts. This code can be shared with everyone you know too.  Sharing is caring!

Go and order at

Stay safe! Share the gift of a myvictory comfort seal filter today! I look forward to your comments when you buy a my victory comfort seal filter and how we can improve it.

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Nurses Vote : Nurse Power!

As nurses, we are advocates and leaders who continually work on behalf of our patients and community. We are also involved in decisions that affect our workplace and communities when we partake actively in our workplace and community.

The professional nursing population provides a unique perspective. We celebrate our differences, and, in turn, we are at the forefront of providing patient-centered care and decisions. How then does political awareness come into play with nursing?

Political awareness as a nurse does not necessarily mean being affiliated with a political party.

 I believe it is important that nurses continue to be aware of their political strength.  Our voices when it comes to decisions regarding healthcare policies from healthcare insurance, affordable and quality healthcare, and provision of mental health care services in our communities are very much needed.In order to be a part of the decisions that affect us, we can start by volunteering in our nurses’ union, in our local governments on committees, or boards to address the issues we feel passionate about.  The covid pandemic has really  stretched us thin as we struggle to get enough patient protective equipment and deal with other workplace safety concerns such as severe short staffing, ever changing covid19 work policies, etc.

With nurses’ help, our communities can feel empowered, safe, and make more equitable decisions as a result of our input. We disempower our communities when we do not give a nurse’s perspective on issues that affect our health, education, and economic power. Whichever role we play as nurses, we listen and know first hand the dire needs of our community.

As  nurses, we are collectively stronger, which makes us a force to be reckoned with. We cannot let this power go to waste and complain about decisions that are unfavorable to us and our communities. As a registered nurse I am fully aware that I have healthcare knowledge which has ignited my fire to continue advocating for my patients, my family, my community, and myself. I will continue using my voice to support leaders who speak up and advocate for better legislature  that address the welfare of nurses, healthcare workers and the community.

 I am a nurse and I will not be a spectator this voting season! Vote Vote Vote! 

I voted,how about you?

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How to be a supportive friend and what not to say when your friend loses her pregnancy

The road to motherhood is different for every woman and filled with uncertainties. Sometimes this journey ends in a miscarriage or stillbirth. Losing a pregnancy before 20 weeks is termed a miscarriage, while a pregnancy loss after 20 weeks is termed a stillbirth. I am a mom of 2 and a registered nurse. I have not experienced pregnancy loss, but as a healthcare professional I have helped many patients and loved ones through this difficult journey. Each time, I have learned to be a better friend, listener, and advocate.

I do realize this is a very emotional subject, but I want to educate us all  based on a poll I created on my instagram page stylishmom_nurse. I decided  that we start the discussion on what to say and what not to say to woman who has experienced pregnancy loss.

It is very important to remember that every woman’s pregnancy loss and emotions will vary so please be patient as she deals with it.

I love to talk in scenarios so that it makes it relatable. So, say  you have a friend, let us call her Mel who just miscarried at 12 weeks and she posts it on social media or maybe she calls or texts you, there are some things you should try to avoid telling her.

  1. Please do not tell her that it is God’s will even if she is religious. That comes off as very insensitive.
  2. Do not tell her she will do fine because you also had a miscarriage. Remember it is not about you !!!
  3. Please do not say, “ You are still young and have more time.”
  4. “ At least you have other kids, some people do not even have any kids” Don’t let this even cross your mind okkk???
  5. “Stop stressing and working too much next time” Excuse me, are you really blaming her?? That is heartless!!
  6. “ At least you are young, you can always have another one. Some people are not lucky”


  1. Listen if you do not know what to say. Your presence will speak volumes. If you cannot think of anything just be there.
  2. Offer to take her for a walk ,ride, do their laundry, babysit if they have other kids, bring her some meals instead of just saying what can I do for you? Offering direct actions can bring some relief to her.
  3. If you are comfortable, offer a hug and shoulder for her to cry on.

I hope you found this blog piece helpful. I cannot wait to read and answer your comments. Don’t forget to subscribe on my blog!


Stefanie your StylishMomNurse

Photo: Samantha Rose Creative Co.

Styled : Nine56 Studio


What! Pink TAX?

Ever heard of the dreaded pink tax? I had not heard about the pink tax until a few years ago, but I did not know what it was and how it applied to me. It was not until I kept complaining and hearing other women complain about how they felt they were being cheated at the auto mechanic shop or had any home maintenance works. Each woman will explain either how cheaper it was when they had a male relative, friend, or significant other around when those same services were utilized.

In one of those conversation, one friend said this was due to the “pink tax!!” I wondered its meaning. She went on to explain the extra charge women have occurred since birth from toys, accessories to dry cleaning, clothing, personal supplies, and auto services. I decided to research my local store and was appalled at the increased prices of merchandise marketed to females. I was paying extra for choosing the pick razor, the lemon scented deodorant, and the Japanese blossom hand lotion. I then looked at my dry-cleaning bill and realized I paid extra than my husband. I also continue paying more for the out keep of my daughter than my son. This is not right!! Why???
The easiest thing is to say that we should all purchase male versions of products; however, it just feeds into the marketers ploy to make women settle. What happened to choices? I should be able to smell like a fruit or basic if I so decide.


A pink tax might seem harmless or a tard costly, however in both developed and  developing countries a pink tax is putting an extra financial toll on women who lack financial resources to keep themselves clean and happy. Sanitary towels and tampons are necessities and should not be marketed as a luxury to women who have to resort to rugs and unwanted sexual advances.
Let us start by calling out manufacturers who are not unfriendly on our wallets and our gender and talk to our elected officials about how to combat the pink tax. I also know you are going to be scrutinizing the shopping aisle from now on.
Pink tax…screw it!

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Rejection sucks!

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The word rejection is a word that is a negative word that most of us do not want to deal with,but is there a way to create positivity around it?

‘’No” “Not this time around” “I regret to…” “Sorry” 

Hello sister, how do you take rejection? 

Do you cry your eyes out? Do you feel like a loser,hopeless,rejected?” “Why me?”

You literally turn on your television, check your Instagram, Facebook, or your email, see another amazing news and you wonder why it was not you? Sometimes, you internalize it so much you wonder what your freaking worth is!!!

Then you turn on the radio and a sappy love song is playing and you really wonder what why nothing seems to go well with you. You wait religiously with no call back regarding an audition or a job. Life must truly suck! Rejection ugh! You call your friends and they go on and on about their perfect lives!!! Why you??

As hard as rejection is, have you wondered how another person has felt when you got a promotion, received your clean bill of health, or even got invited to a party? Rejection is a part of life which we will all face at different points in our lives. As a woman who juggles so many roles, rejection has allowed me to think creatively outside the box and made me a fighter who a times sheds a tear. Rejection has also brought me closer to people I never knew I could draw my strength from. Yes, despite  how I may feel, it has pushed me to think how I can make my situation better.

Rejection does not make you worthless and a failure. I hope you can rise above it and be surrounded by positive people who will allow you to cry, talk, and eventually push you to be the best you can ever be. Motivational books can also be a great tool in encouraging your about the weakness and strength of others who overcame rejection.

How are you feeling about that sister? Break a leg and be extraordinary! Smile like you do not care!!!


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Shades of Beauty

Am I beautiful enough? Am I worth it? They laughed at me because I was dark, albino, because I had acne, because I was skinny, fat, bald, flat chested, busty, hairy, because I did not fit in.

These are some snippets of stories that I have heard speaking to girls and women in my day to day interactions when I have brought up the topic of beauty. As a woman I can totally relate, and I have cried and emoted my feelings with some of you  in accepting what true beauty is. Our color, our hair, our hips, our height, etc should not be the measure of our self-worth and beauty.
Why bleach your beautiful skin or subject it to surgery to look like somebody else? I want my sisters reading this to feel beautiful each day. Wake up each day glowing like a queen and smelling like your best perfume even after you hit the gym, chase your kids, or after a long day at work!

This is why being nominated as one of finalist for Shades of Beauty Expo in Minnesota 2018 is an honor and a celebration for every woman. Yes!!! I see you in me and hope I represent both your struggles and strength! Just like some of you reading there were times I doubted my beauty and felt I had to look and think a certain way. I love every part of me both inner and outer and I walk confidently. I am grateful for believing in me and allowing me to use my platform to inspire women of all shades of beauty to explore and redefine what true beauty is; self love!

I will love to interact, laugh, and of course take pictures with you all celebrating our shades of beauty because we are all truly beautiful on Aug 11, 2018 at the St Paul River Center.

I love to hear your comments!


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The Power Of A Strong Network

How powerful is your network?
I will love to read your comments so we can continue this chat
Dress: Soprano Clothing at Nordstrom Rack
Jewelry: Fair Anita
Makeup: Mac Cosmetics
Styled: StylishMomNurse
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I know my worth, how about you?

Global fashion

It’s been a while readers and I cannot wait to share with you what I have been preparing for you all. I have been connecting with different people from all walks of life. I have learned so much and obviously enjoyed the camaraderie. This has also allowed me to learn more, made new friendships, and helped me embrace my role as an influencer while enjoying different eateries in Minnesota  lol (I love good food!!!).
What does it mean to be an influencer? To most people, it means having a super enormous following or being a famous celebrity. However, I am reminded about the true meaning of an influencer by my parents who etched it into me that if I am able to impact one person with my deeds and words, I have influenced a village. I remember asking why and they went on to inform me the power of word of mouth by that individual.

This is powerful and encourages me to be an ambassador for women and young girls who a times feel they do not have the power to change their situations due to circumstances in their lives. We sometimes crave for belonging by being connected to groups, people, or a career in the hopes of being an influencer when our uniqueness, struggles, and eventually our untapped strengths needs to be resurrected.
Yes, resurrected because we are all influencers in our own right and it up to you to elevate yourself and know your worth. I cannot stress self-evaluating yourself and writing the little positive vibes you emit to your community. Your worth is not measured by your bank account, your friends, relationship status, or even your career!
What small steps do you plan on taking to positively influence those around you?

Dress: Miranda Konstantinidou

Necklace: Laurie Luehmann

Boutique: Dugo

Headpiece: Karen Morris Millinery

Photographer: Shutterkat

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BAYADA Homecare Nursing

As a young girl living in Ghana, West Africa, I watched family members keep older relatives at home until they passed away. These older relatives were well taken care of and happy. I also see the same happiness among the older people in the United States who were taken care of in their homes.Therefore, nursing provided in the home is something I strongly hold close to my heart. The comfort, familiarity, and independence in one’s own home is something that if possible should not be parted away with. It however takes caring, professional, and culturally competent nursing staff to efficiently address these needs.


Nursing is one field that offers so many opportunities to its workers. Home health care nursing is one avenue that can be flexible for new nurses, working parents, nurses going back to school, and nurses needing either part-time or fulltime positions. You, as the nurse, get to create bonds with your client as they have your undivided attention. The cost of home care is also considerably cheaper than being in a hospital and provides a much more holistic and calming environment. As a nurse who has worked in different aspects of nursing, I will recommend it for my loved ones because I want them to be close to the memories they have created over the years and close to their loved ones.


There are several options for home care in the state of Minnesota, however I personally believe BAYADA Home Health Care offers a topnotch, patient-centered approach that not only cares for its clients, but also its nurses. The Minnesota division is dedicated to caring for young adults, so nurses can build a special, long-term relationship with their patients as they help them live as physically and socially active lives as possible, unlike other in-home nursing career options that may only focus on infants or the elderly. Minnesotan nurses have many choices and it’s important to have an employer who values your time, education, and commitment to care.

Our state boasts of exceptional nursing education so why not match it with an exceptional employer? Are you still wondering if home care is right for you? Well consider BAYADA if you want an employer who listens, hones your leadership skills, provides ongoing nursing education, as well as competitive compensation and benefits. Fill out an online application and join the BAYADA team if you are a nurse looking to work in Minnesota.

As a stylish mom and nurse, it probably helps that I get to also rock a lovely BAYADA custom-made nursing work bag where I can put all my nursing supplies. Do you know how excited I was when I received this work bag? BAYADA designed the bag using feedback from team members to make their lives easier–it’s one of the ways BAYADA cares about its employees. I want you to also get stylish while you bring smiles to the BAYADA clients. Don’t you agree?


Visit to find out more about the exceptional ways this company appreciates its caregivers.

BAYADA Home Health Care is sponsoring this post because it is a leading company in home health care services and is searching for employees who share the philosophy that home health care nursing is a higher calling instilled in those with an innate desire to give compassion, comfort, and care. BAYADA is currently looking to hire clinical nurses for the Minnesota division specifically. Those who are interested in applying for a job opportunity should visit



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Boss Lady Style


Have you ever wondered if your fashion taste  can have an effect on how you are perceived by your colleagues or strangers you encounter? Well, it does and it can either be to your advantage or your disadvantage.

Personally, first impressions count, therefore use each encounter outside your home to shine and be in boss lady style mode. Whether you work in corporate where you obviously choose what kind of professional clothes, a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, or a fitness instructor you can still be stylish. This means,  do not conform to boring styles that everyone is wearing.

Try to incorporate a bit of your personality in what you wear. If you love bright colors, you can try  colorful bracelets, necklaces, blouses or  pants. If you are a black woman with natural hair, instead of wearing a boring wig, you  can  wear your hair in braids, corn rows, an afro wig, or try other protective styling. There are also scarves and headgear options too.Hair bands, extensions, or flowers are other fun ways to style your hair no matter you cultural or socioeconomic background.

For those of you who work in professions where you are uniformed,you are probably thinking that you cannot show your boss lady style. This is quite the contrary! Guess what? You are equipped with many fashionable weapons to strike with lol. Your shoes can be your fashion statement.

You have  unlimited fun and stylish shoe options from clogs to sneakers. I am all about clogs with style! Your watch, Fitbit, stethoscope, lab coat can be your fashion statement. For those of you who have to cover your heads  such as in the operating room or wear head covering for religious purposes, there are amazing fashionable and colorful surgical caps and hijabs  to wear. There is always a way to show up in style while looking professional.

No matter where you work , try these tips as you step out ready to rule like a boss lady :

  1. Make sure your clothes are well pressed
  2. Invest in some good shoes
  3. Invest in a quality work bag
  4. Wear shoes that fit
  5. Practice good personal hygiene
  6. Treat yourself to a spa occasionally
  7. Walk with your head held high

Outfit  by dugo         Photography by e.l. photography

Are you in #bosslady mode yet? Leave your comments