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Protect yourself with a Myvictory comfort seal filter

It is almost Thanksgiving and Covid19 is still around. Covid 19 numbers keeps rising and we are all changing our holiday plans this year.When I entered the year 2020, I was thinking of a wonderful year filled with travels and fun activities, however that quickly got erased with lockdowns and wearing masks. Gradually wearing masks whether cloth or surgical has become a part of our lives.  With covid19 cases increasing all over the United States, it is extremely important to wear our masks with a filter in addition to hand washing as we run errands, go to school, or work.

As a registered nurse and mom, I value safety, therefore I am happy about my partnership promoting Augustine Surgical Inc latest product, my victory mask comfort seal filters. When my family and I tried them, it felt comfortable and breathable. I also researched and talked extensively with the team and found out that it gives .99.9% viral filtration efficiency for both inhaled and exhaled products. When you placed a comfort seal in either your surgical or cloth mask, it helps to give you an extra layer of protection..

These comfort seal filters are made in my home state, Minnesota and comes in different sizes; small, medium, and large. If you are wondering what to add to your Christmas or holiday list, this is an affordable  and lifesaving item perfect for everyone. It makes wearing a mask bearable. I know some of you are getting tired of wearing a mask, but I want you to give this product a try. It will make you on covid fashionable and you will be helping to reduce the spread of covid19 and the flu. It is a win win for the community and your healthcare workers will really appreciate you!

In order to figure out which size is appropriate use this guide:

Small: Fits kids, adolescents, and adult with petite frames

Medium: Fits most average adults

Large: Fits adults with longer and large faces

I have a 15% discount that can be applied to all of your  mycomfortseal gifts. This code can be shared with everyone you know too.  Sharing is caring!

Go and order at

Stay safe! Share the gift of a myvictory comfort seal filter today! I look forward to your comments when you buy a my victory comfort seal filter and how we can improve it.


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