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Nurses Vote : Nurse Power!

As nurses, we are advocates and leaders who continually work on behalf of our patients and community. We are also involved in decisions that affect our workplace and communities when we partake actively in our workplace and community.

The professional nursing population provides a unique perspective. We celebrate our differences, and, in turn, we are at the forefront of providing patient-centered care and decisions. How then does political awareness come into play with nursing?

Political awareness as a nurse does not necessarily mean being affiliated with a political party.

 I believe it is important that nurses continue to be aware of their political strength.  Our voices when it comes to decisions regarding healthcare policies from healthcare insurance, affordable and quality healthcare, and provision of mental health care services in our communities are very much needed.In order to be a part of the decisions that affect us, we can start by volunteering in our nurses’ union, in our local governments on committees, or boards to address the issues we feel passionate about.  The covid pandemic has really  stretched us thin as we struggle to get enough patient protective equipment and deal with other workplace safety concerns such as severe short staffing, ever changing covid19 work policies, etc.

With nurses’ help, our communities can feel empowered, safe, and make more equitable decisions as a result of our input. We disempower our communities when we do not give a nurse’s perspective on issues that affect our health, education, and economic power. Whichever role we play as nurses, we listen and know first hand the dire needs of our community.

As  nurses, we are collectively stronger, which makes us a force to be reckoned with. We cannot let this power go to waste and complain about decisions that are unfavorable to us and our communities. As a registered nurse I am fully aware that I have healthcare knowledge which has ignited my fire to continue advocating for my patients, my family, my community, and myself. I will continue using my voice to support leaders who speak up and advocate for better legislature  that address the welfare of nurses, healthcare workers and the community.

 I am a nurse and I will not be a spectator this voting season! Vote Vote Vote! 

I voted,how about you?


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