What! Pink TAX?

Ever heard of the dreaded pink tax? I had not heard about the pink tax until a few years ago, but I did not know what it was and how it applied to me. It was not until I kept complaining and hearing other women complain about how they felt they were being cheated at the auto mechanic shop or had any home maintenance works. Each woman will explain either how cheaper it was when they had a male relative, friend, or significant other around when those same services were utilized.

In one of those conversation, one friend said this was due to the “pink tax!!” I wondered its meaning. She went on to explain the extra charge women have occurred since birth from toys, accessories to dry cleaning, clothing, personal supplies, and auto services. I decided to research my local store and was appalled at the increased prices of merchandise marketed to females. I was paying extra for choosing the pick razor, the lemon scented deodorant, and the Japanese blossom hand lotion. I then looked at my dry-cleaning bill and realized I paid extra than my husband. I also continue paying more for the out keep of my daughter than my son. This is not right!! Why???
The easiest thing is to say that we should all purchase male versions of products; however, it just feeds into the marketers ploy to make women settle. What happened to choices? I should be able to smell like a fruit or basic if I so decide.


A pink tax might seem harmless or a tard costly, however in both developed and  developing countries a pink tax is putting an extra financial toll on women who lack financial resources to keep themselves clean and happy. Sanitary towels and tampons are necessities and should not be marketed as a luxury to women who have to resort to rugs and unwanted sexual advances.
Let us start by calling out manufacturers who are not unfriendly on our wallets and our gender and talk to our elected officials about how to combat the pink tax. I also know you are going to be scrutinizing the shopping aisle from now on.
Pink tax…screw it!


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